A few months ago we were approached by G-Carma Inc. with two music video productions for Wyclef Jean for songs from his latest album, "April Showers." These productions varied from a bigger production on studio/sound stage in Miami to a more modest production on-location in NYC.  

Despite moderate budgets we employed our usual practical approach to filmmaking and cinematography to provide our clients with the best bang for buck.  Some notable approaches to minimize careless spending was to create our own rain machine with help from a talented handy man named Luis, to affordable aerial shots by way of going handheld with an EPIC on NYC heli tour.  We also opted not to hire a steadicam operator and I flew the epic ourselves on our rig (look at the complexity of the shot.  I aint no slouch!). This enabled the production to spend more efficiently on areas that that were crucial to the music videos' concepts.  We like being team players and we love the results.

My company, UrbanMouse, which is really comprised of me, Spike, and that random Japanese dude in all our pictures, Motomu... we handled most production aspects, directing (co), vfx, cinematography, editing (for Hard Times).  Our main editor for MLC was my girlfriend, Wen Hsuan Tseng.  Keep it in the family! S/O to Marco and Florida Film House team, Mastershot films and Margaret Matthews for playing integral roles in production.

This is shaping up to be the summer of music videos.  We have another big and exciting music video currently in the works.  Can't wait to share it with the five people that look at this blog.  In the meantime, have a look-see.

DIY Rain Machine... $25

Raining Bird's Eye Shot... priceless (actually still 25 bucks + Marco's water bill.)