We recently shot a promotional campaign for our friends over at Source-Marketing.  Their client was BIC and they were launching an Ad campaign for their product, BiC Hybrid Advance 4 razors. This razor is a hybrid because it weilds properties of non-disposable, interchangeable head razors but is still disposable, including the handle.  SM's concept was to create interactive video website where a quirky character named Danbob would invite the user to use his "Hybrid Collider" machine to make hybrid creations of their own.  Basically, at the end of the 1st video, the user will be granted the ability to key in any text onto the hybrid collider's user interface.  Based on what you enter, one of MANY videos we shot will play showing different results.

We shot this on RED ONE-MX and it actually looked very nice, but the client ended opting for a low-fi, DIY video look so there is obvious, intentional image degradation. 

Was a unique shoot and people seem to be having fun with it online.  Youtube comments show some really interesting entries such as "Chris Brown" and "Rihanna."  Why not give it a shot at http://www.youtube.com/BICHybridExperience

If you enter in "SUSHI" and "HIPHOP" you might get to see my multitalented AC, Motomu Ishigaki gettin gangsta as a hype-man for rapper Danbob.